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Below are some of common questions we get asked. Feel free to reach out if you have other questions, our team is happy to help!

Using our Firm allows you to focus on other tasks while also getting the comfort of knowing that someone in the business of tax filings is navigating the process for you.

We have clients that request different tier levels of services that we provide. For some we do all of the bookkeeping from scratch, and for others we take their numbers and move forward. When we see an area that could potentially save the client on our fees we provide the client with the information necessary to make an informed decision on how to proceed.

The course of action is very specific to your exact circumstances and what phase of the IRS or State collections process you are in. Unfortunately, this is an all-too-common issue, but the good news is the Firm has extensive experience in this area.

Yes. Whether you are dealing with one state, or multiple states across the U.S., our Firm has extensive experience with these filings. We will guide you through the process of gathering the necessary information needed to file complete and accurate state tax returns alongside the federal tax filings.

Absolutely. Again, Granbury is a retirement community, so this is something we deal with regularly.

With Granbury being a retirement town, death and related inheritances are a common issue we deal with. Taxes are frequently much less than most people assume, but the actual tax implication of an inheritance depends on the exact type of asset inherited, and what you do with them. The best advice is to come up with a plan as soon as practical after the death takes place.

You are where you need to be, and we can help to advise you on matters such as final individual tax filings and/or trust and estate tax filings. Dependent on the deceased individual’s specific situation our advisement may include that an attorney also be retained.

Exactly where you are-you need a good CPA and attorney advising you on matters such as legal structure, accounting systems, and State/Federal tax filings and requirements.

If there aren’t any noticeable issues with your numbers then there are times that this approach can be taken. However, if something doesn’t look accurate then we will discuss those areas with you for further clarification to try and isolate what issues there are.

A lot! This is another area where you need an experienced CPA and attorney in dealing with these transactions. There are many pitfalls on both sides of the transaction that you will need advice on to have the most positive outcome possible.

In addition to handling tax filings and preparing compiled financial statements for owner and banking use, we pride our selves on educating those business owners that are interested in a deeper understanding of what their financial statements actually mean. Knowledge of how the business decisions affect taxes and various financial analysis ratios is key to continuing success, and we are here to help with that.

Absolutely. We have numerous clients who don’t operate locally in Granbury whom we are able to provide services to every day. Our Firm utilizes remote access and secure technology mechanisms in order to assist you from afar even when sensitive information is involved.

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